Specialists dedicated to the surveillance of property and people

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Our company

It is administered by a private security professional and performs all surveillance and guarding missions.
With professional private security agents, dog guards (dog handlers) and fire security agents.
For interventions on fires, alarms and first rescue, prevention and fight against
disasters, with companies, municipalities and individuals.

Our company ensures the protection of property and people in all types of missions

We operate throughout Chablais, particularly in Thonon-les-Bains, Evian, Douvaine, Morzine Avoriaz, Chatel, Les Gets, Allinges, Margencel, Perrignier, Bons en Chablais, annemasse...

All our services are carried out by professionals trained and certified by the CNAPS (National Council for Private Security Activities). They are familiar with the legislative laws regulating the profession and have the diplomas and obligations relating to the exercise of a private Security activity (Professional Cards, CQP APS, SSIAP, SST, etc.).

  • Security in Residences and House
  • Shopping malls and shops
  • Nightclubs and private parties
  • Cynotechnic conductor
  • Fire safety

As far as outfits are concerned, Elton Security agents are fully equipped by us. When they work alone during the night or are isolated, our agents are equipped with a GSM system PTI (Protection of the Isolated Worker) or DATI (Alarm Device for Isolated Worker) as stipulated in article R4512-13 (formerly R237-10) Decree 92-158 of February 20,1992 of the Labour Code regulations.

Services offered

Protect and assist

The reception and access control, general surveillance and technical security of the sites are also part of its remit. It detects anomalies and intrusions, manages incidents. It also carries out appropriate safeguarding actions

Intervention and information

The security guard intervenes at the request of authorized personnel or upon an alarm. When the intervention required exceeds its prerogatives, it shall notify the competent services. After any intervention, he shall inform his superiors and, where appropriate, the public security services.

Resistance and self-control

The Elton Security Officer must be able to stay cool and react quickly, especially in the event of fire, alarm or alert. They must be familiar with disaster prevention and control techniques and administer first aid.

Respect of rules

The Elton Security Officer must always be mindful of respecting the rules of the profession and collective agreements, while combining security requirements. A certain ease of contact with the public and emergency services is also needed.

Fire Safety Officer

Role of the Fire Safety Officer :

The work of the Elton Security Fire Safety Officer is primarily focused on prevention. Its objective is to control the equipment to ensure that the alarm system and extinguishers are operable in the event of fire.

In prevention mode or subject to an incident, it will :

  • Verify that no malicious acts have been committed on the fire equipment.
  • Receive calls related to a fire emergency
  • Regularly check safety equipment
  • Assimilate existing risks within the organization
  • Make patrols to verify the security of the building
  • Raise staff members' awareness of the fire hazard
  • Trigger the alarm, prevent and guide the rescue team,
  • Secure the building and proceed with evacuation

Qualifications required

Reactivity is the first quality of Elton Sécurité's fire safety officer. In the event of a fire, it is able to react quickly and efficiently. He then applies his knowledge of safety.

He must be able to remain calm to manage the event as best he can. It is imperative that he or she masters equipment such as alarms and fire extinguishers. They must also know how to behave in the event of a fire.

Good physical fitness is also required. You must be in full possession of your means if a fire occurs. Maintaining its shape is therefore essential for our agents.

But that is not enough. In contact with staff and the public, they must be able to communicate with each other to train staff and provide advice when an incident occurs.

The Mobile Patrol

Role of the intervenor :

The Mobile Security Officer is a security officer who carries out rounds with or without variable hours, on several sites and interventions on alarm within the framework of remote security missions.

His main job is to conduct surveillance patrols and/or interventions to prevent malicious acts.

The most commonly attributed activities are :

  • Conduct surveillance patrols to prevent malicious and easily detectable risks such as fire or intrusion.
  • Intervene to remove doubt
  • Detecting the origin of the alarm
  • To prevent the competent services capable of putting an end to the disorder concerned.
  • Carry out appropriate backup actions and ensure continuity of site protection according to predetermined instructions and/or instructions from the monitoring centre.
  • Report on its mission to the hierarchy, the client via the visit form and possibly to the public services concerned.


Role of the dog master :

The activity consists in ensuring the protection of goods and/or persons in a given geographical area in accordance with the written instructions issued by the employer and using the combined qualities of the handler and the dog.

Basic activity

  • Surveillance rounds, control and surveillance of specific sites and perimeters such as car parks, warehouses, tents and all other areas under its care.
  • Intervention at the request of authorized personnel or on alarms to remove any doubt.
  • Notify the relevant services and/or persons designated to stop the disorder concerned
  • Detection of the presence of a person, objects, products that could prejudice the safety of goods and people.

The dog is not a weapon: The use of the dog, which can be considered as a weapon by destination, is purely preventive and dissuasive. However, in a situation of intrusion and/or aggression, however, the intervention of the dog may only be carried out in strict compliance with the legislation relating to self-defence.

Insurance: The risks inherent in this activity are covered by the civil liability taken out by the employer.

A dog in good standing: The Cynophile Security Officer must be the owner of his dog in compliance with the legislation in place. :

The activity of the "dog handler" team is carried out within the framework of the regulations in force and respect for civil liberties. In addition to the legislation applicable to private security activities, there are also numerous texts relating to the use of dogs and so-called dangerous animals, in particular :

Article 4 of Decree 86-1099 of 10 October 1986 requires the continuous and immediate presence of the owner of the dog in all places and requires that the animal be kept on a leash and muzzled in all public places or open to the public. The law of January 6,1999 classifies in 2 categories dogs likely to be dangerous. Only dogs of the 2nd category are allowed in the exercise of the profession. The Order of 25 October 1982, in its Annex 1 - Chapter II, lays down the conditions for keeping and keeping companion animals.

Elton Sécurité

Elton Sécurité's activity is declared to the CNAPS under the authorization number AUT-074-2116-07-27-20170615259.
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